Bookkeeping errors can be fixed

Bookkeeping errors CAN be fixed!


QuickBooks Errors can be fixed by a Pro-Advisor

  • Nothing is permanent
  • Accounting software is a tool in your business
  • You have options
  • Know when the time is right to ask for help

How It Works


At Watertight Bookkeeping, here is Boise Idaho, we keep you organized and up to date on your financial data. We keep your bank feeds categorized correctly and reconcile monthly. Your chart of accounts is the backbone of your financial records and we make sure is right for your business. Receipts piling up we take care of that too.  We also provide monthly financial statements so you know if you can hire another employee to help you run a smoother business.  If you’ve been overwhelmed with bookkeeping and haven’t done it in a while we can catch you up.  And if it’s really a mess we will clean it up so tax time isn’t stressful so you can get those well deserved deductions.  

Errors in QuickBooks can be fixed especially if you use us because we are a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor.  This provides us with extra tools to help correct any problem.  

Problems that need to be fixed will cost you a whole lot less now than at tax time.  The wrong categorization, expenses not taken and many other mistakes could cost you more on April 15th. Pay a little now or pay a lot more late.

This is a promotion for a QuickBooks Diagnostic Review.

Schedule a 30 minute consultation between July 1st  – 5th so you can tell me what’s going on in your business.  At that time we will make the appointment for your diagnostic review.

This is for service based businesses that have been doing their own books and need some direction.  I’ll show you the things you’ve been doing well and things that need improvement. It comes with recommendations and a personalized video of your books for you to review for 6 months. 

Don’t put off the things you could get done today.