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Although I’m originally from NY State, I spent 25 years in South Carolina.  In 2020 my family moved to the lovely Boise area and I started a professional virtual bookkeeping business. How did I get the name Watertight Bookkeeping?  Good question! To find out the answer- contact me.  I’d love to tell you my story and hear about your business, too.

Before I became a bookkeeper, I worked in surgery for over 20 years.  When I had a health crisis that prevented me from working in surgery, I made the decision to become a bookkeeper.  I liked helping people so being a bookkeeper seemed like the perfect answer.  I could work from home, help people, and still have time for my family. I want to directly help people who want and need help with their bookkeeping.  You went into business to do what you are good at and not to wear all the hats in you company.  Because I’m virtual I can help you anywhere in the United States you may be.  If you need help, have a fear of accounting software, or just don’t want to take care of the books – I’m here to help you.

Our Certifications

As a virtual bookkeeping service Watertight Bookkeeping will track and maintain financial transactions. We work with invoices, receipts, and other financial documents to ensure that all money coming in and going out of the company is accounted for. We help YOU avoid overpaying for various services, tracking expenses to inform you which areas you can make cuts or switch to less expensive providers. Stay up to date with payments saving you late fees or interest payments. We can show you how to use software to control the mound of receipts.  Working with a virtual bookkeeper can save you money by avoiding the cost of insurance, office space, 401k and other benefits. Your paperwork is located on a secure server in the cloud. We utilize cloud base accounting programs which use bank level security and encryption to keep your information safe.  You have access to your data 24/7, from your phone, tablet or computer. We answer question within 24 hours.

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

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